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What is fm-systems, Inc. InControl system?
InControl is a combination of products that easily, effortlessly, control everything in your universe over the Internet. Our
environmental products can control you heating and air-conditionsystem. Our video surveillance systems are completely
viewable and controllable over the Internet. We also have a complete line of burglar alarm products that are completely 
controllable over the Internet. 
What we can control with InContol over the Internet:
Small Building Heating Automation Systems - up to 8 temperature zones
Thermostats for Heating and Air-condition
Lighting Control Systems
Rental Properties heat, air-conditioning and lighting control
Low and High Temperature alarms with remote monitoring
Water Leak Detection
High and Low Voltage Situations
Power Loss Situations
Power Outlets
Video Surveillance Systems
Access Control System
Remote Controlled Timed Door Locks with real time clocks.
Pool Filter Systems
Pond Pumps
Home and Commercial Security Systems
Watch TV over the Internet with DishNetwork and Sling Box.
What you can use to access our products:
Android Phones
Any web enabled device with a browser

We make the interface as simple as possible. Our devices can be custom programmed
to meet your needs. We only service Long Island, New York City and southern Westchester.
We are available for consulting for another area in the United States.
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FM Systems InControl products are high-end components for remote monitoring and control applications over the internet. Companies, organizations, and individuals use our products to monitor and control many different types of equipment and systems in real-time from any computer using a web browser. Our products can be used as stand-alone devices in simple applications, offering a complete solution requiring no additional equipment. They can also be used as building-blocks in large systems.



How They Work

Each FM Systems InControl product has a small combination of I/O (inputs & outputs) and a built-in web server. Sensors, switches, voltages, etc., can be connected to the inputs for monitoring various parameters, conditions, or events of interest such as temperatures, voltages, or alarms. Outputs (usually relays) can be used to control just about anything, including lights, bells, motors, computers, heating systems, etc. Because our products have a built-in web server, users can view input parameters and control relay outputs using a simple web page from just about any web-browser.


Example Applications



FM Systems InControl products are used to monitor temperature, humidity, power, tank levels, pressure, the status of doors, windows, production machines, computers (remote reboot), communications equipment, lights, bells, motors, pumps, HVAC units, signs, gates, and much more.


Why FM Systems InControl?



FM Systems InControl products are designed to be extremely robust and reliable. Although they are affordably priced, no shortcuts were taken in their design, and no compromises were made in the parts used. FM Systems InControl products are carefully made in the. Our firmware is tested both manually and automatically for long time periods to verify its integrity before it is released. These are just a few reasons to choose FM Systems InControl Products.


Function Modules



FM-InControl TM 3R Web-enabled Thermostat/ Temperature Monitor with 3 Relays
FM-InControl RL-2R  Two Inputs, Two Relays,100 Individual Event Scheduler
FM-InControl RL-1R – Single Relay
FM-InControl RL-4R – 4 Relays
FM-InControl RL-10R - 10 High Current Relays
FM-InControl IM-5I 5 - Five Optically-Isolated Digital Inputs
FM-InControl AM-8A - Eight High Resolution Analog Inputs
FM-InControl SWX2115VAC -  2 Electrical Outlets, Remote Control
FM-InControl 2 Electrical Outlets, Remote Reboot, Two Inputs, Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

Web-enabled Thermostat/ Temperature Monitor

The FM-InControl RL-2R is two products in one package.

First, the FM-InControl RL-2R is a powerful web-based temperature logging instrument that allows you to monitor temperatures via an IP network. Up to eight temperature/humidity sensors can be connected at a time, and temperature/humidity can be viewed in real-time using a web browser. It has three relays that can be used for control of fans, heaters, coolers, or just about anything. Relay control can be based upon temperature or can be independent. In addition, the FM-InControl RL-2R has many advanced features including email alerts, relay control, a BASIC interpreter, and much more. Second, the FM-InControl RL-2R is a 7-day programmable web-enabled thermostat. Users can adjust and set temperatures for heating and cooling systems and view current indoor and outdoor temperatures from any web browser. As a web-enabled thermostat, it provides an attractive control web page that works great on desktop computers as well as most web-enabled smartphones.

FM Systems, Inc. custom programs the FM-InControl RL-2R to meet your needs we then us our 35 years of experience to integrate the FM-InControl RL-2R in to your installation.

Features :
• Web-browser based - no software required.
• Self contained - no external server or services required.
• Built-In real-time clock w/ capacitor backup.
• Temperature Logger.
• Supports HTTP, TCP, SNMP, Modbus/TCP.
• Supports additional data logging and management from web services.
• Internal temperature and voltage monitoring for diagnostics.
• Wide operating temperature range.
• Removable terminal connector for convenient wiring.

 Web-Enabled Temperature/Humidity Logger
• The temperature logger can receive data from up to eight sensors (one temperature sensor included).
• Both temperature and humidity sensors are supported.
• Supports BASIC scripts for advanced configuration.

 Web Enabled Thermostat:
• Attractive thermostat user interface.
• Connect up to two temperature sensors (indoor and outdoor).
• 7-day programming schedule.
• Connect to single stage heating/cooling system.

 Custom Environmental Control
• Automatic turn off of zones based on times
• Outside temperature offset of hot water temperature
• Day/Night temperature offset
• Email, text message or pager notification of off-normal conditions
• Up to 6 outputs of control triggered by 8 temperature or humidity inputs
• Remote web control of all set points and outputs



FM-InControl RL-2R



FM-InControl RL-2R is an exciting component in our most advanced series of products. It is a robust, full-featured, web-enabled, mini Ethernet I/O module with two 5-Amp  relays and two optically-isolated digital inputs. It has non-volatile memory for logging, a real-time clock with support for NTP (time server) synchronization and an advanced full-calendar scheduler which can be used to turn on/off relays at preset times. Its web-based user interface means it can be used right out of the box with no programming required.

 FM-InControl RL-2R  has many advanced features including a simple firewall, the ability to initiate a connection to remote servers, BASIC programming, SNMP, email alerts, peer-to-peer communications, internal monitoring, and more. The series FM-InControl RL-2R is ideal for many applications, including security, remote control, street sign controllers, shift bell controllers, and much more.

 Features :
• Up to 100 scheduled events.
• Full calendar scheduling.
• Automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment.
• Synchronize clock with NTP server for precise time keeping.
• Capacitor-backed clock.
• Two electro-mechanical relays.
• Two optically-isolated inputs.
• Automatic and manual control.
• Control and configure using a web browser
• No software required.
• Customizable web-based control page.
• Settings stored in non-volatile memory.
• BASIC script support for advanced functionality.
• Remote services; can be configured to initiate connection to a remote server.
• Email alerts.
• Event and periodic logging.
• System voltage and internal temperature monitoring.
• Removable 14-pin terminal connector for easy installation.
• Rugged DIN-Rail/wall mountable enclosure.


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Typical example of custom programmed device

Relay Control

Our Modules on a DIN Rail

Modules are custom manufactured by Xytronix Research & Design, Inc
For more information please contact mhz @
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